We started Open Schooling  for the Secondary and the Senior Secondary classes.For obtaining a Pass Certificate, a learner is required to pass in a minimum of five subjects including one or maximum of two languages from Group ‘A’ and other three or four subjects from Group ‘B’. However, a learner is free to take upto two additional subjects and thus can choose maximum of seven subjects.

While seeking admission in the Secondary/the Senior Secondary Course, a learner may opt for one of the stand alone Vocational subjects listed in Table-2, but not mentioned in Group ‘B’ in Table-1. Separate admission for such a subject has to be taken at one of the AVIs. Information regarding AVIs can be obtained from the website: The pass credit obtained in this subject can be transferred, on request, to learners performance in the Secondary/the Senior Secondary examination. The request on a plain paper to the Director (Evaluation) of NIOS should be accompanied with the original Secondary/Senior Secondary Marksheet and photo copy of the Mark Sheet of the Vocational Education examination.


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